Here are some tutorials that various users have sent to us. If you have any contributions, please email the webmaster at tbreina = AT = users * DOT { sourceforge * DOT { net. Have a look at our tutorial guidelines.

Form designer tutorials


Minimal Example

Malcolm Nealon
Malcolm walks you through designing a simple wxWidgets application using wxDev-C++


Extended wxDev-C++ Tutorial

Dan Koga
This is an extended version of the basic Tutorial for creating a wxWidgets application


OpenGL with wxDev-C++

Ross Ashman
Ross shows you how to combine wxWidgets and OpenGL in your wxDev-C++ project


How to create a multicolumn table using virtual wxListCtrl

Yuriy Pigovsky
Yuriy walks you through the popular multicolumn table


Miscellaneous tutorials


Setting Up wxDev-C++ for compiling with Visual C++ 2005

Tony Reina
Tony walks you through the necessary steps to take for wxDev-C++ to compile programs with Visual C++ 2005


Integrating wxDev-C++ with Visual Studio 2003

Guru Kathiresan
This article explains how you can use wxDev-C++ as the wxWidgets form (wxform) editor in Visual C++ 2003.



Development tutorials


Accessing the wxDev-C++ Sources from SVN

Tony Reina
Explains how to download the wxDev-C++ sources using the TortoiseSVN client


Build the wxDev-C++ Development IDE

Tony Reina
Explains how to setup the environment required to develop wx-DevC++


Creating custom components for wxDev-C++

Esteban Aguilar.
Explains how to create a custom component that can be embbeded inside the wxDev-C++ IDE.


Creating a DevPak for wxDev-C++

Malcolm Nealon
Explains how to build wxWidgets and to create a devpak for it.


Using the GNU debugger with wxDev-C++

Tony Reina
Tony brings you through the basics of doing Debugging using GDB in wxDev-C++.