Change Log

Please File your bugs at our SourceForge tracker.

  • Bug fix #3456175
  • Bug fix #3455309
  • Bug fix #343172
  • I think this also fixes #3434169 and 3434166
  • Execute and Debug menus are now disabled until file is loaded/opened.
  • Also, kludge fix for sizer parent name when child is sizer within a notebook page.
  • Fix for synedit crash when closing multiple windows.
  • Updated wxMenu code generation.
  • Debugger support for multiple threads
  • HTML helpfile updates for multithreaded debugger
  • Remove all extraneous include paths
  • Change Destroy to Free on several components
  • Some protection for FreeAndNil attempts in Destructor
  • Fix for XPM generation. Check to see if Images subdirectory exists and create it if not. Otherwise, XPM file won't save.
  • Fix for writing registry settings on Windows >= Vista. UAC permissions prevent the Windows registry from being written without elevation to admin. I've added a function that checks to see if the IDE was run "as admin". If not, then registry can only be read not written.
  • Now getting the correct directories for MS VC 2010 on Windows 7.
  • Toggle command doesn't de-activate when non-project file is closed
  • Directory for gcc lib changed.
  • Manifest RM makefile line updated for Visual C++
  • Fix for remove unit in class browser
  • Debugger execution now checks if debug flag was added in compiler profile and asks if the user wants to add it
  • Fix for compiler progress form progress bar. New RmExe for makfile was confusing things. Added 'del /Q' to if-then
  • Fix for wxdsgn bpl compatibility
  • When destroying the TList pointers, it is best to dispose and delete from the last entry downto the first (rather than from first to last) to avoid the memory move needed
  • Reverted explicitly free'ing the CodeComplForm in the TCodeCompletion destructor to get rid of a destructor bug
  • Final changes made to replace hardcoded MAX_TOKEN_SIZE with the maximum buffer size of the file line being tokenized. Hopefully, we won't be ableto generate any more buffer overruns
  • Changed logic for cache wildcard so that only header files are added to the cache

  • New debugger routines. Robert Wall spent months re-coding the GDB/MI debugger interface. We now have an interface that not only works again, but is fairly easy to use. Just make sure that you have gdb version >= 7.2, remove optimization flags on the gcc compiler, add debugger information in the linker, and Rebuild All.
  • Allowing native graphic file support. No longer are you stuck with having to convert all of your graphic files to XPM format. You can now include your GIF, PNG, BMP or whatever other native graphic formats that wxWidgets recognizes. Note well that you're responsible for making sure that your executables can find the graphic files at runtime. (We can't do everything for you.)
  • Bug fix for #2695519. Sizers were always referring to 'this->' as the parent rather than actually determining what the parent name was. This is only a problem in the (exotic) cases of a sizer within a panel within a wxFrame.
  • Possible fix for bug 2971134. Accessing null pointers?
  • Fixed bug 2968705. We weren't hijacking the delete key in the form designer. So when the user hit delete in the designer, it would delete the wxWidget component, but was not updating the property inspector. Note that the delete option in the designer menu was executing the proper code. I've added code to hijack the delete key and pass it as if the user clicked on delete from the designer menu.
  • Fix for bug report #2813179
  • Fix for bug 3020853 (wxNB_FIXEDWIDTH in wxNotebook)
  • Fix for bug report #2945060. Surround with can now be undone.
  • Fix for command line bug #3057427 (Arnaud Amiel)
  • wxWidgets spin controls now can't go negative.
  • Default 2.8.12 for wxWidgets spin values
  • wxWidgets GUI now can be set for individual compiler types (so user can have compiler type 1 be wxWidgets 2.9.2 and compiler type 2 be wxWidgets 2.8.10).
  • Replaces "static char *" with "static const char *" in xpm generation, removes a warning using recent gcc compilers.
  • Fixed crash when debugger output written during IDE close.
  • Changed wxTL_ALIGN_LEFT flag to simply wxALIGN_LEFT. Apparently, wxTreeListCtrl docs are incorrect.
  • Added update feature to list view editor.
  • Fixed alignment flag strings for wxtreelistctrl.pas
  • Fix for wxTreeListCtrl. Parameters were switched without switching %d and %s. Led to a runtime error.
  • Correcting wxTreeListCtrl per Noel
  • Fix for bitmap include header's not working for XPM files (Mal)
  • Fix for reverse creation order of components
  • Bug fix #2989190 - Added wxTE_NO_VSCROLL to memo control styles.
  • Bug fix for 2991978. Statusbar not clearing when file closed.
  • Possible fix for code completion crash reported by hackish. Added line to check if fText is valid before doing a refresh.
  • Added backend and validator options for wxMediaCtrl
  • Fixed bug 3001662 - Wrong event type for wxFilePickerCtrl OnFileChanged.
  • Fix for the persistent lock on executables. I think we were forgetting to free TDevExecutor which kept a lock on the compiled executable until the IDE exited. Explicitly calling Free seems to allow the executable to be deleted outside of the IDE.
  • Bug # 1746321 - Menu bitmaps weren't updating properly. Bug was that we were generating two XPM files per menu item that had different names. Corrected that so the menu bitmap file name for XPM file is {Filename}{Menu Item ID}_XPM.xpm.
  • Bug #2905552 - Splash screen shows up in Windows taskbar.
  • Bug# 2923932 - Screen not refreshed when paste scrolls. Added refresh command after paste code.
  • Bug# 2912640 - "asm" in commented block breaks syntax highlighting. I've corrected the break by modifying the regex parser. It fixes the immediate bug, but I'm not convinced that the IDE is properly formatting the assembler code. Might have to revisit this problem.
  • Corrected "remove all breakpoints" menu item to be disabled/enabled like its menu group. it will auto-disable option when no text in editor.
  • Added debug menu option to remove all active breakpoints.
  • Fix for 120 DPI fonts.
  • Add more KeepFormat/PreserveFormat properties in attempt to keep GenerateXPM from firing when user wants to maintain original graphics format.
  • Re-worded tick box in ReplaceFrm per suggestion of Robert. release

- fix for bug#2872744 - Large fonts (120 DPI) cause some windows to appear crowded
- Cleaned up debugger output window to limit extraneous and repeated info

- Bug# 2929399 Debugger menu updated with "Finish" button. This will pass the gdb command "finish" to the debugger. The actual command sent is saved to devcpp.ini and can be hijacked if the user wants to mod this to a custom debugger command.
- Bug #2945056 - Corrected menu bar when returning from full screen.
- Bug #2946053 - Added PNG extension to GetExtension for bitmaps.
- Bug #2929387 - debugger was not working for DLLs.

7.3 release

-Make system has been updated to work for Wine/Linux. Note that Wine/Linux is not officially supported, but at least I've been able to get the IDE to mostly work on it.
-GDB debugger code - We've made some improvements to the debugger and hope that release 7.3 will be a little more stable than previous ones. We will continue to focus our efforts over the next few months on the debugger interface.
-Bug tracker fixes for #2889398, 2905556
-fix for bug#2912639 "close" doesn't update app bar title
-fix for bug#1686013 can't debug console apps - solution seems to be to add gdb command "set new-console on". not sure how this will affect non-console apps. may need to only send the command with console apps
-fix for bug#2916170 - crash on using debugger caused by deleting non-existent output. now check that output window has data before trying to delete.
-Fix for bug #2831622, 2925171, 2924280

7.2 fix:

-Changed makefile and About box to reflect
-Disabled tooltips by default. Hopefully, this will get rid of some random crashes and bugs. To re-enable go to Tools->Environment Options and uncheck "No tooltips".


7.1 fix:

-Prevent crash on first run when switching bottom tabs if no designer plugin is loaded.
-Restore wxWidgets paths properly if designer plugin is enabled after using the IDE without it.


RC6 to 7.0 stable:

-Prevent crash on first run if no designer is present.
-Don't include templates in wxWidgets_common devpak. Instead include them with wxdsgn plugin devpak.
-Updates to templates.
-Updated helpfiles.
-Several updates to the installer.
-Created a devpak for the wxdsgn designer plugin.
-Fix for single line comments.
-Make auto-generated enum IDs activated by default.
-autocorrection of erroneously large ID values for wx components.
-Small fix for toolbutton.
-Added column editor for wxListCtrl
-Removed restriction on adding sizers to controls (e.g. wxBoxSizer within a wxScrolledWindow should now be possible).
-Fix for bug tracker request (#1741090).
-Corrected reading of entry file (AfterFirst = not AfterLast).
-Corrected some wxAUI stuff.
-URL spawning multiple windows. widgets bug with wxLaunchDefaultBrowser?
-Update AUI packman2extended.
-Updated makefile generation code. Linker line now uses $(BIN) rather than executable Name.
-Moved WXLIBVERSION to top of makefile so that LIBS can now use it
-Changed LIBOBJ generation to include double quotes so that make now handles spaces in RM and LINK commands. This should allow projects to have spaces in the object and output paths.
-Removed annoying window about presence of mingw32-make.exe.


RC5 to RC6:

-.wxform corruption bug fixed.
- Removed unused progressbar from status bar.
- Cursor chage to visually reflect that a component is selected for designer "dropping".
- Enable ClassBrowser by default properly.
- Prevent Open/Save dialogs in Vista/Win7 from reverting to old Win3.1 under certain conditions.
- Prevent event editor field from being written when designer tab is not active.
- Improved support for Windows 7 MRU jumplists.
- Removed loop when property error found in Form migration tool.
- Fixed a crash when attempting to add a dialog/frame to a project into a non existent folder.
- Added an option to "Designer Options" which allows the user to either have individual enum values created, or simply force an incrementation of enum values.
- Better support for UAC in Package Manager.
- Tweaked "New Project" dialog with better size to fit all default templates, plus made it re-sizable.
- Improved open folder dialog for forms location; now users can create new folders inside it.
- Redirected default folder for new forms if not inside Projects, to user documents folder.
- Added option to auto-close compiler progress dialog from the dialog itself.
- Fixed error saving new file when created outside a project.
- Improved titlebar caption for editors of non-project files.
- Support for selected index for extensions in Vista/Win7 Open/Save dialogs.
- Removed readonly property from folder path when creating new wx forms or dialogs.
- Support for customization of "Delete Line" action, plus menu entry.
- Fixed problem with Compiler log window border out of bounds.
- Reverted Redo change introduced in revision 1215, due to wrong assumption of how Ctr+Y should work in wxDevCpp.
- Updated help file for packman.
- WXLIBVER corrected to WXLIBVERSION to fix libraries linking.
- Updated devpak maker to look for Visual Studio directory and run vcvarsall.bat directly to handle VS environmental variables and paths. Removed wxWidgets version number from devpak filenames so that WebUpdate would detect new versions correctly.


RC4 to RC5:

-Improved support for wxAUI components.
-More work on Find/Replace dialog problems.
-Fixed errors when opening/creating non wxWidgets projects.
-Improved wxRichTextCtrl component
-Fixed crashes when editing components events.
-Updates to some languages, courtesy of our contributors (thanks for the help!).
-Updated SynEdit component, plus some fixes makes for a more stable undo/redo system.
-Red color for the matching brackets feature
-Fixed issues with the project layout not saving properly.
-Fixed issues with filters in open dialogs.
-Support for files in different folders in a single project.


RC3 to RC4:

-Full screen and maximize in multi-monitor setups (the window was not filling the whole space before RC4).
-Non project files compilation
-Opening the IDE from .dev or other registered wxDevC++ files.
-Compilation with parameters
-wxAui component support
-"Replace All" function
-Custom menues support for limited user accounts.
-Fixed some crashes when opening .wxform files.
-re-enabled file modification outside the editor.
-Invocation of help menu with F1 key.
-Ctrl key issues.


RC2 to RC3

-Open Save dialogs behaviours, specially in Vista.
-Taskbar switching, specially in Vista and when there are modal dialogs.
-Fullscreen mode (there is a known problem with labels on the bottom panels)
-Floating designer
-VS2008 support; in XP, Vista and Vistax64
-Code completion


Before RC2

-Created some basic plugin infrastructure. Supports .bpl and .dll files.
-Refactored all the designer and wxWidgets related code to load it at runtime as a plugin.
-Re-added first icon set as "classic" look.
-Added support for VS2008.
-Added support for x64 Windows.
-Better support for docking panels.
-Debugger improvements.
-Several visual components added or improved.



6.10-2 (2007-3-22)

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed several memory leaks from Dev-C++
  2. Splitter window code generation bug (1632878)
  3. Private resources not generated at project load (1622858)
  4. Output directories created too eagerly (1611923)
  5. Made object directory Objects
  6. Multiple sizer alignment flags now allowed
  7. Empty project -> no .dev file created bug (1611895)

NOTE: SVN HEAD has some additional bug fixes and some major new feature enhancements. I tried to pull out just the bug fixes and apply them to 6.10.1 to get 6.10.2.

Beta 6.10-1 (2006-12-18)

New Features:

  1. Added regular expression support for find/replace.

Bug fixes:

  1. Corrected installer to handle paths with parentheses (ala x64 machines)
  2. XPM files get generated in a separate folder.
  3. XPM files are named with their parent name prefixed to them (The form related bitmaps contains a "Self_" prefix). This is to make sure a bitmap from one form doesn't overwrite another bitmap from another form with the same name.
  4. wxMediaCtrl Event Generation bugfix.
  5. Moved the OnSelect Events of the ListCtrl and TreeCtrl to the first position to make sure those are events that are created when the user double clicks those controls.
  6. Dynamically turn on and off the captions of the toolbar buttons based on the Toolbar style.
  7. Fixed erratic breakpoint file name during debugging
  8. Added --output-def to DLL makefile command
  9. Fixed the DLL dependencies bug.
  10. Changed dynamic library import library extensions to .lib for Visual C++, .a for MingW
  11. Fix for crash when the Folder of the Class Browser is selected and when a new class form is invoked
  12. Added the missing 3rd party include folders to the C++ includes list
  13. When the debug button is clicked, the project is compiled before debugging it.
  14. The XPMs are generated if not found when Save and Save All is called
  15. Fix the problem where the user cannot create a C project
  16. Fix for recursive debug attempt by the IDE
  17. Bug fix for tracker item #1545110
  18. Fixed the syntax highlighter preview. Changes made in the dialog will be immediately reflected in the preview control.
  19. Fixed range error in Findfrm.pas
  20. Fixed manifest embedding error when using FAT32
  21. Updated code generation for sizers for wxWidgets 2.8
  22. Apply the XP theme to tool menu items.
  23. Statictext gets overwritten bug fix (#1404612)
  24. Splitter window vertical/horizontal bug fix (#1589252)
  25. Change for removing manifest warning with VC2005.
  26. Semicolons missing from SetHeader and SetFooter procedures, needed to compile correctly
  27. Fix for new bitmap generation code and hyperlinkctrl fixes
  28. Fix for space names in the ExeOutput and ObjOutput project directories (g++ -shared).
  29. Fixed OpenGL template for Mingw gcc
  30. Added missing Dev-C++ samples devpak
  31. Fix for wxDev-C++ does not save project version information (#1591576)

Beta 6.10 (2006-10-31)

New Features:

  1. Visual C++ Compiler Support - We officially support the Visual C++ 2003, Visual C++ 2005, and Visual C++ 6 compilers. The installer ships with wxWidgets 2.7.1 pre-built with Visual C++ 2005 (as well as the old MingW build)
  2. Multiple project profile support. Like in Visual Studio, project profiles can be switched "on-the-fly". This allows for one project to be compiled differently (different compiler/different settings etc.) Templates and project .dev files can store most settings.
  3. 14 new wxWidgets components - wxDialUpManager, wxHtmlEasyPrinting, wxMediaCtrl, wxRichTextCtrl, wxSTC, wxCalendarCtrl, wxPasswordEntryDialog, wxTextEntryDialog, wxOwnerDrawnComboBox, wxMultiChoiceDialog, wxSingleChoiceDialog, wxTreeListCtrl, wxMessageDialog and wxHyperLinkCtrl.
  4. Automatic event handler creation on Component Double Click - Double clicking a component triggers the creation of the default event handler for that component.
  5. Migration Wizard - Automatically updates pre-6.10 designer forms to the new format 6.10 uses. 6.10 has removed some old mis-typed property names. Existing projects will be automatically updated to the new format when they are initially loaded. This should also fix situations when the old forms load into wxDev-C++ but shows up as an empty form
  6. New docking windows - Replaced Dev-Cpp's inspector windows with the JEDI JVCL docking manager windows. This makes for better floating and docking plus gives a cleaner look to the property/class/file inspector.
  7. Sof.T's wxDev-C++ Programming Book - Sof.T's created a PDF book for programming with wxDev-C++
  8. Added the Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down shortcut keys for source navigation after a search
  9. Added support for inline assembly highlighting. Both VC and standard C++ syntaxes for assembly code (asm, _asm and __asm) will trigger the assembly code highlighter. Due to flaws within SynEdit only single line assembly code and assembly code blocks with the left curly brace on the same line will be treated as assembly code.

Bug fixes:

  1. Changes to the View Control ID form to easily find the duplicate IDs.
  2. Bug fix for Control combo not getting updated on insert or deletion.
  3. Spaces in file/directory names are now allowed.
  4. Protect classnames from illegal characters and reserved words.
  5. Fixed the Goto function command. On a double-click of a control wxDev-C++ will take the cursor to the assigned function.
  6. Fixed compiler setting not read by the Template
  7. Fixed Delphi's Name is showing up when the select parent is selected on an item whose parent is the base form (Bug #1455738).
  8. Fixed Control list not getting updated properly on insert and delete.
  9. Fixed Delphi 7 support - removed ThemeManager from the DFM and let it be created conditionally using IFDEF.
  10. If XRC is activated, create a blank XRC file on project initialisation
  11. Fixed many bugs with code completion, from function name parsing, to code tooltip appearances, to proper function parameter highlighting
  12. Fix for Bug #1432495 - Crash on Form Close.
  13. Fixed cut/copy/paste from the event property inspector
  14. Fix for wxBitmapButton (Bug #1435728, #1554549)
  15. Bug report #1060562 - corrected text as per Tony's email viz. ('Please select the Toolbar FIRST and then drop this control into the Toolbar.')
  16. Fixed issues when make returns nonzero, we should not run the executable since it is actually an error!
  17. Moved compiler output parsing to Regular Expressions (for Visual C++, anyway)
  18. Fixed splitter error (Bug #1427314)
  19. Fixed crash when changing creation order (Bug #1434228)
  20. Fixed events tab (Bug #1435734
  21. Fixed no exports for DLL (Bug #1436335)
  22. Fixed missing border alignments (Bug #1442891)
  23. Fixed duplicate sizer creation (Bug #1448535)
  24. Fixed crash when changing form options (Bug #1455511)
  25. Fixed wxListBox (Bug #1459358, 1525055)
  26. Fixed menu bar affects height of status bar (Bug #1496564)
  27. Corrected sizers (Bug #1518675)
  28. Fixed staticbox class declaration (Bug #1548846)
  29. Disabled F12 Full-screen mode until bug can be fixed properly

Beta 6.9 (2006-01-30)


  1. Del button - (Tony, 18 Jul 2005, bug # 1239335) Delete button wasn't correctly working in code editor if no text was selected.
  2. wxTextCtrl borders - (Tony, 18 Jul 2005, bug # 1240697) The bsNone flag was set and shouldn't have been. Now border shows up around wxTextCtrl. 
  3. %DEV_CPP% macro - (Tony 18 Jul 2005) %DEV_CPP% macro was pointing to the user default directory. Now points to the directory where devcpp.exe resides. This should allow users to change the default user directory. 
  4. Memory leaks - (Tony 20 Jul 2005) I've cleaned up quite a few memory leaks in the existing source (many left behind by my own sloppiness). 
    • TStringList - DesignerFrm.pas, line 376, strLstManualCode was created and then assigned to the result of a function. This led to two memory heap allocations. 
    • TStringList - AutoDestroy in most wx components didn't include a destroy command for the Wx_Comments variable (and occassionally a few others). 
    • Code Completion - The CVS tip in devcpp had a change that looks like it should control the runtime errors when using code completion. These changes were merged with our code. Also, there was an out-of-bounds error in accessing a string in the code completion stuff. Some if-then statements were added to prevent the array index from going out of bounds. We've submitted the fix to the devcpp developers to see if it makes sense. 
  5. Static bitmaps - (Tony and Joel) The transparency was always set to true and the bitmap was being clipped to 180x180 pixels. Not sure why this was done, but I've commented out that code for now to see if it solves some of our bitmap problems. Joel added a few more options to the property editor for this control (added StretchFactor, Vertical/Horizontal Alignment and foreground/background colour properties).
  6. Menu item bug - (Tony, bug #1288121). If you tried to add an item to a menu that only has one root node with a child, then it adds as a child rather than as a root node. This was fixed to add as a sibling.
  7. Panels with sizers - (Joel) Sizers can be added to panels. 
  8. Listbox - (Tony and Joel) Events were switched ( Also there was no comments property and an extra '|' in the styles. "wxArrayString NULL" warning was corrected. 
  9. BitmapButtons and Buttons have an "Enabled" attribute (button->Enable(true/false)) (Joel) 
  10. MenuBars - (Joel) will not interpret wxID_* values and it will print as-is 
  11. Annoying "Could not create executable output directory: 'dir'" message has been suppressed (Joel) 
  12. XPM - (Mal/Joel, bug # 1219986) Some generation problems have been fixed. XPM header is now standard according to bug report 
  13. wxStaticLine - (Tony, bug # 1254909) Should now generate correct code for static line size 
  14. Event code - (Mal and Tony, bugs #1297903, 1297816, 1176866). Event code should now be correct for radiobuttons. 
  15. wxToggleButton - (Mal) Corrected SetDefault property with SetValue property
  16. Class browser - (Guru, bug # 1291332) Fixed the issue with the Class list in the class browser. 
  17. Debugger - (Guru) Gnu debugger (gdb) should now work correctly without crashing. 
  18. Class Creation Wizard - (Guru, bug # 1337392) When a class/component is created/deleted/renamed and when "Save as" is pressed the class list is updated properly. 
  19. Checked/Radio Menu Items - (Guru, bug #1392722) Checked and Unchecked code for the Radio and Check Menu are generated now  
  20. wxNO_BORDER - (Guru, bug #1183990) Added the wxNO_BORDER property  
  21. On Create Drop Down - (Guru, bug# 1123460) On Create Drop Down choices not current 
  22. wxSaveFialogDialog - (Guru, bug# 1246820) wxSaveFileDialog code is missing wxT on wildcard parameter 

New features:

  1. NinjaNL has added wxChoice and wxToggleButton to the project. In addition to the latest devcpp.exe, you'll also need the devcpp.pallete file to add the new components to your controls panel. Both are included in the install package.
  2. Arrow keys (bug #1064715) will now move components around on the design form. Press Ctrl and the appropriate arrow key. 
  3. XRC/XML export - A XRC/XML file is generated on-the-fly when you edit the design form. Functionality is pretty basic right now because the XRC docs seem to be a work in progress as well (some info on how to define particular fields are missing). To turn this option on/off: right click on the designer form and chose "View Designer Options". Then, click the tab labeled "Code Generation Options". Check the box marked "Generate XRC code".
  4. String internationalization- (Tony) The designer options now have a dropdown box to allow the user to choose whether they want to use wxT(), _(), or _T() for coding strings. To change, right click on the designer form and chose "View Designer Options". Then, click the tab labeled "Code Generation Options". Select the desired format in the dropdown box labeled "Internationalization".
  5. wxRadioBox - Implemented by Mal (Oct 2005) 
  6. wxDatePickerCtrl - Date picker control widget added (Guru, 31 Dec 2005) 
  7. Speed improvements- (Guru, bug #1156989) Sped up the updating for the Properties list and Editor Source when there are changes to component on the form designer.

Beta 6.8 (2005-07-15)

New Features:

  1. wxValidator - A property has been added for wxValidator code. We're eventually planning to make this fancier with a dialog box and such, but at present it's just a simple text box.
  2. Property editor Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete - You can now cut/copy/paste/and delete property items to the windows clipboard.
  3. & Code - Sort of an exotic feature - For text/string property fields (e.g. Name, HelpText, Label, etc.), if you add && to the front of the text, the code generator will pass that text verbatim. For example, hello would be passed as wxT("hello") to the C++ code, but: &&hello would be passed as hello. This might be useful if the user wants to pass a function, variable name, or code snippet to the property and have it saved in the dialog form.
  4. Comments - There's now a property field for adding comments to the components. The comments will be added just before the C++ code for each component.
  5. wxMemo LoadFile - There's a load file property for wxMemo. When the box is selected, an OpenFile dialog box pops up. Select the file and the appropriate wxMemo->LoadFile("filename") C++ code is generated.
  6. %DEVCPP_DIR% - If you add this macro to a template, it will get replaced with the devcpp installation directory. Mal uses this in his wxWidgets example projects devpak. There's supposed to be a similar macro in regular devcpp, but it doesn't seem to work with template files.
  7. Menu order - A simple drag and drop can be used to change the order of the menu and submenus.
    • If the user holds down SHIFT with the drag and drop, the item will be added as a child.
    • If the user doesn't hold SHIFT during the drag and drop, the item will be added as a sibling.

Bug fixes:

  1. Component orientation - Components should change from vertical to horizontal orientation correctly now.
  2. Consistent use of wxT. All text fields are now passed as wxT("") for consistency.
  3. Component constructors - Properties for all components should be correct now. Mal made an extensive list of where we had inappropriate, incorrect, or incomplete properties (
  4. THIS_DIALOG_STYLE - It was noted that the constant THIS_DIALOG_STYLE is defined for every new window (wxFrame or wxDialog). This is now fixed by making the constant name vary according to the window name.
  5. Menu insert - Menu add/insert now places the new item after the currently selected item.

Beta 6.7 (2005-03-21)

  1. Merged Dev-C++ Code base(now supporting GNU GCC 3.4 compiler series).(Guru)
  2. Latest wx-Widgets library 2.5.4 (UpCase and Malcolm Nealon)
  3. Support for Custom File Names in Project Creation.(Tony)
  4. Support for wxSplitterWindow.(Guru)
  5. Support for Enum Based Control ID.(Guru)1
  6. wxHtmlWindow event Bug Fix.(Guru)
  7. Now Sizers can be added in a frame even if we already dropped a toolbar or statusbar or popupmenu.(Guru)
  8. Fixed Bug #1162774 - Window or Sizer controls are not fully visible when toolbar or statusbar are in the frame.(Guru)
  9. Ability to specify wx's standard ID for the Controls.(Guru)
  10. Fix for running wx-devcpp in multiple instances.(Guru)
  11. Fixed a nasty bug where the form keeps growing big when a Window control is dropped into a Sizer.(Guru)
  12. Options to manipulate the Designer Form Options (like snap to grid, grid size etc).(Guru)
  13. Designer Components Alignment Options (To Grid, Vertical, Horizontal etc) (Tony).
  14. Small mods in Mal's tutorial help file (Tony & Malcolm Nealon )
  15. Dev-cpp project files for all the wx sample files (Malcolm Nealon)
  16. Updated CVS source usage for collaboration. (Tony & Marek).
  17. GNU Debugger (gdb) has been upgraded to version 6.3. (Tony)


N.B. 1: Although the old #define declarations are maintained for backward compatability, all users are strongly advised to convert their code to the new enum based control ID declaration. To convert the old #define based control ids to new enum based identifiers, you need to follow the steps outlined in

Beta 6.6 (2005-02-21)

  1. Fixed issues with the Non Visible Components showing as visible component in the designer.
  2. Fixed the occasional Program Crashing when adding 1 or 2 component.
  3. Fixed some issues with the Menu Designer.
  4. Fixed Code Generator issues with wxSpinButton, wxHTMLWindow and Radio Button.
  5. Added Additional Properties for the Toolbar Buttons.
  6. New compact wx-devcpp setup made with Nullsoft's NSIS installer (Tony).
  7. Added Additional Features to remove previous wx-devcpp settings (Tony).

Beta 6.4 (2004-11-08)

  1. Added Full support wxFrame Designer.
  2. Added Full support for wxPanel, wxNotebook etc.
  3. Added Full support for Toolbar and Menu Designer.
  4. Added Field Editor for the Statusbar Component.
  5. Added more than 25 new components(which includes Borland Delphi Style component for Common Dialogs).
  6. Lots and Lots of Bug Fixes.
  7. Support for Tansperant XPM images.
  8. Support for Cut-Copy-Paste Shortcut keys for the Designer.
  9. Upgraded the wx Library to 2.5.3.
  10. Added utility libraries for IniFile, SHA encryption, etc.
  11. Added Borland Delphi/BCB helper functions Check the borland-migration directory.
  12. Support for running wx-devCpp in Single instance mode.
  13. Abiity to invoke custom file extension with custom program.
  14. Fixed some weird form saving errors.
  15. Addes support for including wx's windows resource File .
  16. Added support for XPM and PNG image import.
  17. Fixed some weird program crash bug when deleting controls.

Beta 6.3 (2004-10-15)

  1. Full support for Color and Font properties.
  2. Full support for Bitmap(XPM) supports for TStaticBitmap and Icons in dialog.
  3. Added full support for context sensitive help for wxWidgets classes(Hit F1 on a wxWidgets class and see how it works !).
  4. Added partial support for wxGrid and wxBitmapButton controls.
  5. Fixed an installer issue where the wx-devcpp ignores the wx include directories.
  6. Fixed the issue in creating XPM from certain bitmaps.
  7. Added couple of developer productivity enhancing tools - (like kings tools for VS.NET 2003)
  8. Support for running dev-cpp in single instance mode(very usefull when combined with VC++ (with wx-devcpp used just as form designer)).
  9. Changing a widget name will automatically update it ID.
  10. Fixed an issue in the View widgets ID option.
  11. Added stretch factor property for all the widgets.
  12. Styles for all widgets are generated properly.
  13. Fixed a bug where Source and Designer are not synced when changing certain properties like bitmap, listcolumns etc.
  14. Fixed a bug where StaticLine when placed in the sizers is placed in the wrong location.

Beta 6.2 (2004-10-01)

  1. Fixed a weird bug with the project close function
  2. Fixed a bug in the StaticBitmap component creation code.
  3. Added wx help files(check \help dir). Dont forget to add them in the help menu.
  4. Fixed an installer bug (the shortcut's current dir was not set, so when you start dev-cpp, it wont recogonise the wx , mingw include paths.)
  5. New Webpage Design. A big thanks to Thomas Unterthiner for tidying and designing the webpage.

Beta 6.1 (2004-09-30)

  1. Fixed couple of bugs that caused the program to crash when doing a saveall or compile after making a change.(Thanks for Malcolm Nealon and James Tan for sending the automated bug report)
  2. Fixed the problem with loading old shortcuts (Thanks to moesasji1975nl and henkjan gersen for sending the bug report).

Beta 6 (2004-09-29)

  1. Fixed lots of bugs with code generation for the styles for all the controls.
  2. Added a feature to check the ID and IDNames of the controls.
  3. Fixed a bug in the new Project SaveAll option.
  4. Merged the Dev-Cpp Sep 21 2004 Code(but removed the new editor features as they seems to be very buggy).
  5. Updated wx 2.5.2 from library. Thanks to Rene!.

Beta 5 (2004-07-27)

  1. Fixed an issue when loading the wxdialog template form file. Previously the name of the form and other properties are not loaded properly.
  2. Code-Clean up. Merged the designer code to the latest Dev-Cpp CVS.
  3. Moved the wxDialog Template from the executable to the Templates directory. when using this beta, be sure to copy wxDlg.cpp.code and wxDlg.h.code to Templates directory or you cannot create wxWidgets Form by clicking the New->New wxForm.
  4. Added as the default WebUpdate Host.

Beta 3 (2004-07-22)

  1. Added cool toolbar Icons for Dev-Cpp's New Look Theme.
  2. Fixed erratic event code generation for wxSpinButton
  3. Fixed an issue where the Form File cannot be saved when it is created newly.
  4. Sizers cannot be added if standard controls are already in the form.

Beta 2 (2004-07-20)

  1. Added support listing all functions in intellisense when pressing global scope resolution operator (::)
  2. Creating a wxform file will automatically add the files to current project.

Beta 1 (2004-07-19)

  1. Fixed the occasional crash that happens when closing and opening the forms repeatedly.
  2. Added support for WxStaticBitmap component with automatic BMP to xpm generation.
  3. Added Intellisense support for almost all wx Classes (just like VC++ with wxVisualSetup)- (you have to create the c++ class information cache when you start wxdevcpp for the first time).
  4. Created mingw 3.3.1 + wxWidgets 2.51 distribution for wx-devcpp, so out of the box you can create a form and compile the code.
  5. Added the ability to list all components in the Design control pallete.(Thanks to Martin Kanich for this idea)
  6. Added the ability to change the Creation order of the widgets. Currently you have to right click on the container components to change them (just like Delphi :o) ). Treeview of the designer components will be available later.
  7. Created a new wxWidgets dialog application template.(Goto New->Projects and don’t forget to save all the files before trying to do any serious work)
  8. Add Support for Absolute co-ordinate and sizer based form designer in a single IDE.
  9. Support for Save and Open forms like Delphi/BCB. If you open or save a Form file, corresponding Cpp/H files will be opened/saved automatically.

2003-09-01 to 2004-07-18

  1. Merged the standalone form deisigner to Dev-C++.
  2. Added support for Sizers.
  3. Changed the Object interface libraries.
  4. Now the IDE uses enhanced Form Designer.
  5. Created design time component for most of the wxWidgets UI components.
  6. Added the ability to display class functions in the event list.
  7. Ability to create event functions with correct paramters for all the wxWidgets Components.
  8. Update the wxWidgets 2.4.2 support to 2.5.1.

Known bugs

  1. Sizer layout is screwed up with custom sized StaticBitmap component.
  2. Shortcut keys dont work for Form Designer components.
  3. Using a invalid variable name for the form tends to crash the application.
  4. Changing the Form Class Name tends to crash the application sometimes and not to update all the ClassName variables in the source properly.