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New devpak Repository

All wxDev-C++ users:

I've moved the DevPaks to SourceForge's file release system. The system creates multiple mirrors of the devpaks and automatically chooses the closest one to you for download. You can see a directory of the devpaks at

After starting wxDev-C++, please go to Tools->Check for Updates/Packages. The first on the list should be the new Mirrors cfg file. Just install it and it will correctly point wxDev-C++ to the new devpak repository the next time you use the WebUpdater.

If you have problems, you can manually update the mirrors file by downloading it from Then, just save it to the same directory as your devcpp.ini (usually C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Dev-Cpp where {USERNAME} is your Windows login name).

I'll keep the current devpak repository up for a month or so, but it will eventually be dropped in favor of the new repository. So please update ASAP so that you can continue to use WebUpdate.


October 2011

7.4 release

We've released 7.4. Lots of bugfixes and better GDB debugger support.

  • New debugger routines. Robert Wall spent months re-coding the GDB/MI debugger interface. We now have an interface that not only works again, but is fairly easy to use. Just make sure that you have gdb version >= 7.2, remove optimization flags on the gcc compiler, add debugger information in the linker, and Rebuild All.
  • Allowing native graphic file support. No longer are you stuck with having to convert all of your graphic files to XPM format. You can now include your GIF, PNG, BMP or whatever other native graphic formats that wxWidgets recognizes. Note well that you're responsible for making sure that your executables can find the graphic files at runtime. (We can't do everything for you.)
  • Bug fix for #2695519. Sizers were always referring to 'this->' as the parent rather than actually determining what the parent name was. This is only a problem in the (exotic) cases of a sizer within a panel within a wxFrame.
  • Possible fix for bug 2971134. Accessing null pointers?
  • Fixed bug 2968705. We weren't hijacking the delete key in the form designer. So when the user hit delete in the designer, it would delete the wxWidget component, but was not updating the property inspector. Note that the delete option in the designer menu was executing the proper code. I've added code to hijack the delete key and pass it as if the user clicked on delete from the designer menu.
  • Fix for bug report #2813179
  • Fix for bug 3020853 (wxNB_FIXEDWIDTH in wxNotebook)
  • Fix for bug report #2945060. Surround with can now be undone.
  • Fix for command line bug #3057427 (Arnaud Amiel)
  • wxWidgets spin controls now can't go negative.
  • Default 2.8.12 for wxWidgets spin values
  • wxWidgets GUI now can be set for individual compiler types (so user can have compiler type 1 be wxWidgets 2.9.2 and compiler type 2 be wxWidgets 2.8.10).
  • Replaces "static char *" with "static const char *" in xpm generation, removes a warning using recent gcc compilers.
  • Fixed crash when debugger output written during IDE close.
  • Changed wxTL_ALIGN_LEFT flag to simply wxALIGN_LEFT. Apparently, wxTreeListCtrl docs are incorrect.
  • Added update feature to list view editor.
  • Fixed alignment flag strings for wxtreelistctrl.pas
  • Fix for wxTreeListCtrl. Parameters were switched without switching %d and %s. Led to a runtime error.
  • Correcting wxTreeListCtrl per Noel
  • Fix for bitmap include header's not working for XPM files (Mal)
  • Fix for reverse creation order of components
  • Bug fix #2989190 - Added wxTE_NO_VSCROLL to memo control styles.
  • Bug fix for 2991978. Statusbar not clearing when file closed.
  • Possible fix for code completion crash reported by hackish. Added line to check if fText is valid before doing a refresh.
  • Added backend and validator options for wxMediaCtrl
  • Fixed bug 3001662 - Wrong event type for wxFilePickerCtrl OnFileChanged.
  • Fix for the persistent lock on executables. I think we were forgetting to free TDevExecutor which kept a lock on the compiled executable until the IDE exited. Explicitly calling Free seems to allow the executable to be deleted outside of the IDE.
  • Bug # 1746321 - Menu bitmaps weren't updating properly. Bug was that we were generating two XPM files per menu item that had different names. Corrected that so the menu bitmap file name for XPM file is {Filename}{Menu Item ID}_XPM.xpm.
  • Bug #2905552 - Splash screen shows up in Windows taskbar.
  • Bug# 2923932 - Screen not refreshed when paste scrolls. Added refresh command after paste code.
  • Bug# 2912640 - "asm" in commented block breaks syntax highlighting. I've corrected the break by modifying the regex parser. It fixes the immediate bug, but I'm not convinced that the IDE is properly formatting the assembler code. Might have to revisit this problem.
  • Corrected "remove all breakpoints" menu item to be disabled/enabled like its menu group. it will auto-disable option when no text in editor.
  • Added debug menu option to remove all active breakpoints.
  • Fix for 120 DPI fonts.
  • Add more KeepFormat/PreserveFormat properties in attempt to keep GenerateXPM from firing when user wants to maintain original graphics format.
  • Re-worded tick box in ReplaceFrm per suggestion of Robert.

Important notice:

Dear user of wxDevC++:

We were informed about some unscrupulous people repackaging wxDevC++ and selling it as their own work under the ironic name of "Creative C++". If you happen to be interested in that software or a similar case we haven't heard of, or know someone who does, please be advised or help inform others that wxDevC++ is FREE software, and that the original authors deserve at least the recognition for their work. These unauthorized copies offer nothing over the real wxDevC++ distribution, and given the dishonest background of the people behind them you cannot trust that the repackage does not contain threats to the security of your machine or data.

As people with personal lives, it is hard for us to find the time or means to combat these kinds of problems, but if you know of something that may help in stopping this unfair use of our work, contact us at

February 2010

7.3.1 release

We've released See the changelog for bugfixes.


October 2009

January 2010

7.3.0 release

We've released 7.3.0. Lots of bugfixes and better GDB debugger support.

October 2009

Small 7.1 fix

If you prefer to use wxDevC++ IDE deactivating the wxdsgn RAD we'll recommend you to use this updated version, since we fixed a crash that occurred when switching the bottom tabs on the first run. Though, a weird behavior couldn't be addressed at this time (these tabs don't show their captions on the first run if the designer is not enabled), but after the second run it's OK.

We also fixed the wxWidgets projects paths if you enable the designer after using the IDE without it. So, nothing big, but recommended anyway.

As always, grab it at the downloads section.

—Esteban (Sunday, 11 October 2009, 10:45 am)


September 2009

Version 7.0 stable release

Last week we decided to finally publish the 7.0 version as stable release, since the big issues that we took as goals for this version appeared to be fixed. We hope that you enjoy this new release that has many improvements over the last 6.10 series, and also, injects some life into the aging DevC++ IDE. Look at the downloads section for the installers.

Some changes from the last RC6 version include:

-Prevent crash on first run if no designer is present.
-Don't include templates in wxWidgets_common devpak. Instead include them with wxdsgn plugin devpak.
-Updates to templates.
-Updated helpfiles.
-Several updates to the installer.
-Created a devpak for the wxdsgn designer plugin.
-Fix for single line comments.
-Make auto-generated enum IDs activated by default.
-autocorrection of erroneously large ID values for wx components.
-Small fix for toolbutton.
-Added column editor for wxListCtrl
-Removed restriction on adding sizers to controls (e.g. wxBoxSizer within a wxScrolledWindow should now be possible).
-Fix for bug tracker request (#1741090).
-Corrected reading of entry file (AfterFirst = not AfterLast).
-Corrected some wxAUI stuff.
-URL spawning multiple windows. widgets bug with wxLaunchDefaultBrowser?
-Update AUI packman2extended.
-Updated makefile generation code. Linker line now uses $(BIN) rather than executable Name.
-Moved WXLIBVERSION to top of makefile so that LIBS can now use it
-Changed LIBOBJ generation to include double quotes so that make now handles spaces in RM and LINK commands. This should allow projects to have spaces in the object and output paths.
-Removed annoying window about presence of mingw32-make.exe.

—Esteban (Monday, 07 September 2009, 7:05 pm)



July 2009

Release Candidate 6

Bugs, they just keep popping up! Actually, with each release we've seen less and less bugs, but each RC so far has been followed by at least one showstopper bug that we cannot let pass. The good news is that the extra time has been handy for adding late minute features, fixing old annoyances or simply improving some details. Our latest version can be downloaded here.

Rc6 change log from RC5:

-.wxform corruption bug fixed.
- Removed unused progressbar from status bar.
- Cursor chage to visually reflect that a component is selected for designer "dropping".
- Enable ClassBrowser by default properly.
- Prevent Open/Save dialogs in Vista/Win7 from reverting to old Win3.1 under certain conditions.
- Prevent event editor field from being written when designer tab is not active.
- Improved support for Windows 7 MRU jumplists.
- Removed loop when property error found in Form migration tool.
- Fixed a crash when attempting to add a dialog/frame to a project into a non existent folder.
- Added an option to "Designer Options" which allows the user to either have individual enum values created, or simply force an incrementation of enum values.
- Better support for UAC in Package Manager.
- Tweaked "New Project" dialog with better size to fit all default templates, plus made it re-sizable.
- Improved open folder dialog for forms location; now users can create new folders inside it.
- Redirected default folder for new forms if not inside Projects, to user documents folder.
- Added option to auto-close compiler progress dialog from the dialog itself.
- Fixed error saving new file when created outside a project.
- Improved titlebar caption for editors of non-project files.
- Support for selected index for extensions in Vista/Win7 Open/Save dialogs.
- Removed readonly property from folder path when creating new wx forms or dialogs.
- Support for customization of "Delete Line" action, plus menu entry.
- Fixed problem with Compiler log window border out of bounds.
- Reverted Redo change introduced in revision 1215, due to wrong assumption of how Ctr+Y should work in wxDevCpp.
- Updated help file for packman.
- WXLIBVER corrected to WXLIBVERSION to fix libraries linking.
- Updated devpak maker to look for Visual Studio directory and run vcvarsall.bat directly to handle VS environmental variables and paths. Removed wxWidgets version number from devpak filenames so that WebUpdate would detect new versions correctly.

Thanks to the people who contributed with testing, translations and donations, and to Guru Kathiresan that showed up to help us fix the form corruption bug.

—Esteban (Saturday, 25 July 2009, 5:25 pm) 



March 2009

Release Candidate 5

Some important issues were found in our last release, so here we are again, hoping that we can deliver a very stable 7.0 version when we release it.  Again, you can download the latest release candidate from the downloads section. 

Important changes from the RC4 version: 

-Improved support for wxAUI components. 
-More work on Find/Replace dialog problems.
-Fixed errors when opening/creating non wxWidgets  projects.
-Improved wxRichTextCtrl component
-Fixed crashes when editing components events.
-Updates to some languages, courtesy of our contributors (thanks for the help!).
-Updated SynEdit component, plus some fixes makes for a more stable undo/redo system.
-Red color for the matching brackets feature
-Fixed issues with the project layout not saving properly.
-Fixed issues with filters in open dialogs.
-Support for files in different folders in a single project.


—Esteban (Monday, 16 March 2009, 8:15 pm)


January 2009

Release Candidate 4

Well, RC3 was not enough, since important bugs were found afterwards, and some late minute features got their way into the 7th release of wxDevC++.  As before, you can download the latest release candidate from the downloads section. 

Some important changes we'd like you to test: 

-Full screen and maximize in multi-monitor setups (the window was not filling the whole space before RC4). 
-Non project files compilation 
-Opening the IDE from .dev or other registered wxDevC++ files. 
-Compilation with parameters
-wxAui component support
-"Replace All" function
-Custom menues support for limited user accounts.

This release includes several other fixes, like some crashes when opening .wxform files, re-enabled file modification outside the editor, invocation of help menu with F1 key, Ctrl key issues, and many more.

—Esteban (Tuesday, 12 January 2009, 7:09 pm)


November 2008

Release Candidate 3

The "hopefully" final release candidate for wxDev-C++ 7.0 has been released. You can grab it from the downloads section. 

Some of the important scenarios we'd like you to test: 

-Open Save dialogs behaviours, specially in Vista. 
-Taskbar switching, specially in Vista and when there are modal dialogs. 
-Fullscreen mode (there is a known problem with labels on the bottom panels) 
-Floating designer 
-VS2008 support; in XP, Vista and Vistax64
-Code completion

—Esteban (Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 7:32 pm) 


September 2008

Version 7.0 release client

We've put wxDev-C++ release client 1 on the WebUpdate site (Tools->Check for Updates/Packages). Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

—tbreina (Saturday, 20 September 2008, 10:00 pm)

June 2008

Project progress and site update

While this project may have looked as abandoned during this 1 year, the team had been working on improving wx-DevC++ all along. You can check pre-releases at the downloads page.

We have made some changes to, to make it easier for us to maintain this site. Also, we have some side benefits with this change, like a search feature, and more extensibility for the near future. We are also in the process of updating the content.

So, expect more news and updates soon.

—Esteban (Saturday, 06 July 2008, 2:34 pm)

March 2007

wxDev-C++ 6.10-2

wxDev-C++ 6.10-2 was released on the 22nd of this month. 6.10.2 is mainly a bug fix release plus the upgrade of wxWidgets to 2.8.2. It can be downloaded from here

—Joel (Sunday, 25 March 2007, 4:17 am)

November 2006

Designers and Translators needed!

wxDev-C++ needs some graphic designers and translators! We need graphic designers who can help design icons to fill in gaps in our current icon set (if you wish to contribute one complete set, feel free). We also need translators to help update our language files. The multi-language support of wxDev-C++ has been slipping and we would like to get our languages files updaed as soon as possible.

—Joel (Wednesday, 1 November 2006, 12:42 am)

October 2006

wxDev-C++ 6.10

wxDev-C++ 6.10 was released today. The new features can be found in the Changelog and can be downloaded from SourceForge

—Joel (Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 10:01 pm)

June 2006

Site goes live!

The old wxDev-C++ site is being taken down, and the site you are seeing now is actually a redirect to my temporary server (check the URL ;)). The entire site will be uploaded once the project files are cleared up (which will hopefully be done very soon)

—Joel (Thursday, 8 June 2006, 7:24 am)

May 2006

Site nears completion

The wxDev-C++ Site is near completion! Check back soon for the latest additions.

—Joel (Tuesday, 2 May 2006, 12:41 am)