Submitting Tutorials

Submitting tutorials for inclusion in the tutorials page is easy. Simply follow the guidelines prescribed, and inclusion will be a painless procedure!

Tutorial submission guidelines

here are a few important pats to submitting ANY tutorial:

  • Title of tutorial
  • Author (and email, if you wish)
  • Synopsis
  • Main body text. See the following section on guidelines

The title of the tutorial is especially important to anyone wanting to have a look at your tutorial. It will enable them to know what your tutorial will and will not cover, hence prevent the wastage of time as well as productivity to potential readers of your article. Likewise, it will also draw people wanting what you discuss to your article. So choose a title that describes best your article.

It will also be good to include your name (and email, if you wish to) in the article so readers can contact you in case of ambiguity or doubt. Even though submitting the tutorial by email will give us your email address, it will not be published unless permission is explicitly granted. All published email address should be put through an obfuscator. (use the [email] BBCode tag)

A synopsis of your article is also good for readers to determine what is a good and what is a bad article bearing in mind their task. A good synopsis will follow the title and give a rough gauge on the depth and scope of the article.

Article body text guidelines

Use simple images and screenshots where applicable. Screenshots demonstrate a point better to most people than words ever can (unless you are a polished writer!). The use of screenshots "simplifies" the entire process, makes reading faster and easier (I usually just have to look at screenshots to get what the author means, without reading the text), and makes the article less text-heavy. Text-heavy articles tend to turn readers away from your article.

Tutorial submission proper

Great! You are done! Put all the relevant details in an email, and send it to me at tbreina ? AT \ users ! DOT $ sourceforge ! DOT $ net