wxDev-C++ is an extension of Dev-C++ by Colin Laplace et. al. This program helps you to create dialogs and frames for wxWidgets visually using a form designer. With all the wonderful features of Dev-C++, wxDev-C++ is still being actively developed. The main aim of this project is to provide the wxWidgets community with a free, open-source, commercial-grade IDE/RAD tool for development with wxWidgets.

If you are new to wxWidgets, have a look at the tutorials page to get yourself familiar with the IDE. Please drop us an email if you wish to join the wxDev-C++ development team or if you wish to submit your own tutorial (see the tutorials reference).


  • wxWidgets Form Designer:
    • Generates XRC XML resources
    • Drag-and-drop design paradigm
    • Supports wxWidgets' sizer-based layouts (or do without it!)
    • Connect events to member functions within the editor
  • Integrated debugging
    • Support for GDB
    • Variable watches
    • Automatic stack tracing
    • Local variables list
    • Displays disassembly and CPU registers
  • Editor features
    • Class browser
    • Code completion
    • Project management
    • Project profiles
    • Customisable syntax highlighting
    • Automatic inline assembly highlighting
    • To do List
  • Application compatibility
    • Built-in CVS support
    • Supports MingW/Visual C++ (6, 2003, 2005 and 2008)
  • Quickly create Windows and console applications, static libraries
    and DLL's
  • Support for project templates to expedite the creation of new project types
  • Package manager (through the use of DevPaks), for easy installation of add-on libraries

User Testimonials

As the project coordinator for an open source project for the past ten
years, and as a long-time user of Borland C++ Builder, I was surprised
and happy to find wxDev-C++ - it's one really slick piece of work. Nice
—Jon Berndt, Aerospace Engineer, Houston, TX

Thanks for the hard work you all put into wxDev-C++ because I come from a
Visual Basic background so I was used to the graphic window designer. Thanks
again and keep up the good work!
—Jessica, Student, North Carolina

News Archive

New devpak Repository

All wxDev-C++ users:

I've moved the DevPaks to SourceForge's file release system. The system creates multiple mirrors of the devpaks and automatically chooses the closest one to you for download. You can see a directory of the devpaks at http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxdsgn/files/devpaks/.

After starting wxDev-C++, please go to Tools->Check for Updates/Packages. The first on the list should be the new Mirrors cfg file. Just install it and it will correctly point wxDev-C++ to the new devpak repository the next time you use the WebUpdater.

If you have problems, you can manually update the mirrors file by downloading it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxdsgn/files/devpaks/mirrors.cfg/download. Then, just save it to the same directory as your devcpp.ini (usually C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Dev-Cpp where {USERNAME} is your Windows login name).

I'll keep the current devpak repository up for a month or so, but it will eventually be dropped in favor of the new repository. So please update ASAP so that you can continue to use WebUpdate.


October 2011

7.4 release

We've released 7.4. Lots of bugfixes and better GDB debugger support.

  • New debugger routines. Robert Wall spent months re-coding the GDB/MI debugger interface. We now have an interface that not only works again, but is fairly easy to use. Just make sure that you have gdb version >= 7.2, remove optimization flags on the gcc compiler, add debugger information in the linker, and Rebuild All.
  • Allowing native graphic file support. No longer are you stuck with having to convert all of your graphic files to XPM format. You can now include your GIF, PNG, BMP or whatever other native graphic formats that wxWidgets recognizes. Note well that you're responsible for making sure that your executables can find the graphic files at runtime. (We can't do everything for you.)
  • Bug fix for #2695519. Sizers were always referring to 'this->' as the parent rather than actually determining what the parent name was. This is only a problem in the (exotic) cases of a sizer within a panel within a wxFrame.
  • Possible fix for bug 2971134. Accessing null pointers?
  • Fixed bug 2968705. We weren't hijacking the delete key in the form designer. So when the user hit delete in the designer, it would delete the wxWidget component, but was not updating the property inspector. Note that the delete option in the designer menu was executing the proper code. I've added code to hijack the delete key and pass it as if the user clicked on delete from the designer menu.
  • Fix for bug report #2813179
  • Fix for bug 3020853 (wxNB_FIXEDWIDTH in wxNotebook)
  • Fix for bug report #2945060. Surround with can now be undone.
  • Fix for command line bug #3057427 (Arnaud Amiel)
  • wxWidgets spin controls now can't go negative.
  • Default 2.8.12 for wxWidgets spin values
  • wxWidgets GUI now can be set for individual compiler types (so user can have compiler type 1 be wxWidgets 2.9.2 and compiler type 2 be wxWidgets 2.8.10).
  • Replaces "static char *" with "static const char *" in xpm generation, removes a warning using recent gcc compilers.
  • Fixed crash when debugger output written during IDE close.
  • Changed wxTL_ALIGN_LEFT flag to simply wxALIGN_LEFT. Apparently, wxTreeListCtrl docs are incorrect.
  • Added update feature to list view editor.
  • Fixed alignment flag strings for wxtreelistctrl.pas
  • Fix for wxTreeListCtrl. Parameters were switched without switching %d and %s. Led to a runtime error.
  • Correcting wxTreeListCtrl per Noel
  • Fix for bitmap include header's not working for XPM files (Mal)
  • Fix for reverse creation order of components
  • Bug fix #2989190 - Added wxTE_NO_VSCROLL to memo control styles.
  • Bug fix for 2991978. Statusbar not clearing when file closed.
  • Possible fix for code completion crash reported by hackish. Added line to check if fText is valid before doing a refresh.
  • Added backend and validator options for wxMediaCtrl
  • Fixed bug 3001662 - Wrong event type for wxFilePickerCtrl OnFileChanged.
  • Fix for the persistent lock on executables. I think we were forgetting to free TDevExecutor which kept a lock on the compiled executable until the IDE exited. Explicitly calling Free seems to allow the executable to be deleted outside of the IDE.
  • Bug # 1746321 - Menu bitmaps weren't updating properly. Bug was that we were generating two XPM files per menu item that had different names. Corrected that so the menu bitmap file name for XPM file is {Filename}{Menu Item ID}_XPM.xpm.
  • Bug #2905552 - Splash screen shows up in Windows taskbar.
  • Bug# 2923932 - Screen not refreshed when paste scrolls. Added refresh command after paste code.
  • Bug# 2912640 - "asm" in commented block breaks syntax highlighting. I've corrected the break by modifying the regex parser. It fixes the immediate bug, but I'm not convinced that the IDE is properly formatting the assembler code. Might have to revisit this problem.
  • Corrected "remove all breakpoints" menu item to be disabled/enabled like its menu group. it will auto-disable option when no text in editor.
  • Added debug menu option to remove all active breakpoints.
  • Fix for 120 DPI fonts.
  • Add more KeepFormat/PreserveFormat properties in attempt to keep GenerateXPM from firing when user wants to maintain original graphics format.
  • Re-worded tick box in ReplaceFrm per suggestion of Robert.

Important notice:

Dear user of wxDevC++:

We were informed about some unscrupulous people repackaging wxDevC++ and selling it as their own work under the ironic name of "Creative C++". If you happen to be interested in that software or a similar case we haven't heard of, or know someone who does, please be advised or help inform others that wxDevC++ is FREE software, and that the original authors deserve at least the recognition for their work. These unauthorized copies offer nothing over the real wxDevC++ distribution, and given the dishonest background of the people behind them you cannot trust that the repackage does not contain threats to the security of your machine or data.

As people with personal lives, it is hard for us to find the time or means to combat these kinds of problems, but if you know of something that may help in stopping this unfair use of our work, contact us at wxdsgn-devs@lists.sourceforge.net.

February 2010

7.3.1 release

We've released See the changelog for bugfixes.

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